Logistics and Shipping
Procurement Asia

Shipment Coordination — Factory to Final Destination

Once the inspection report is approved by the customers, shipment release forms will be issued to the factory for the loading of goods for shipment. Customers can select a freight forwarder and notify SourceOne for the selection.  We will then keep track of this process and help make certain the related shipping documents i.e. copy of invoice, packing list, BOL, C/O are appropriately issued by the supplier and are sent to both the shipping company and our customers. If necessary Source One can recommend suitable freight forwarders.

Administration and payment facilitation

SourceOne is an extended work force for our customers.  We help administrate and keep track of the purchase orders, monitor the pipeline of issuing orders, production and shipment schedules in order to meet the required shipment date.  We also coordinate and recommend solutions for payment terms.  Our all-inclusive services help customers get the best price, the best quality, and on time delivery of their products.   

white water boat

Asia. It’s big. It’s complex. We know that. We understand the challenges facing businesses in the West and have extensive experience producing goods in the East.

With primary focus on China, we have expanded our coverage to Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Our sourcing specialists combine regional cultural understanding and in-depth information and expertise on market dynamics of suppliers’ need.