Product Sourcing and Specification

Product Specification

We will appoint a dedicated SourceOne account manager to assist with your sourcing needs and run a demand analysis to find the best source for production. This includes understanding your:

  • Product category
  • Specification requirement
  • Current cost
  • Annual usage
  • Target price
  • Packaging specifications
  • Logistic information

Whether it’s a factory design or your own custom design, we begin with our service centric approach towards customers’ objectives and will recommend options for any of your sourcing and manufacturing needs.

Low cost country sourcing

The initiatives include sourcing the manufacturers and vendors across all different regional offices such as China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar. We understand the complications of dealing with a country in a different language, culture, logistics and import/export restrictions. SourceOne regional team equips with in-depth knowledge for domestic market and supply chain networks.  Throughout this process, we keep searching for the most cost-effective producers and manufacturers all over Asia and South East Asia. This also includes strategies a process in which materials or component parts are transferred from a lower cost country to another country which costs are higher. This results in, a total cost reduction of ownership.

Identify Supply Market

We help identifying the supply market based of the specifications or customer products from each region, collecting information sources from all the supply markets to obtain the best market price. At SourceOne, each of our regional branches will provide accurate real-time insights, revolving around identifying and assessing potential markets and suppliers. Starting at the point of evaluating and choosing the correct supply markets to providing a detailed analysis and identifying the profile of suppliers. The process includes a business assessment check, factory email audit, field audit, supplier qualification evaluation report and manufacturing capability evaluation. We also assist with the transition to a new supply market when needed. 

Cost Comparison and Analysis

A cost analysis will be done in comparing the suppliers in different supply markets and regions in connection with every sourcing action, and a cost comparison table will be developed and provided during this process. This benefits business decisions for comparing and identifying the costs from the various potential suppliers within one or different countries. As well as to enhance the business insight of understanding of all fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership, to help your business achieve a total cost reduction, not only from the product price point.

Order process

The purchase order process is the journey of a purchase order (PO) from creation through purchase order approval, dispatch, delivery, invoicing, and closure. SourceOne will assist with the ongoing audit during the whole processes and keep track with the suppliers to make sure they are effectively managing the order and the lead time of production upon each open order. It also includes sample making, quality checks, and more. We serve to safeguard the journey of merchandising, saving time and resources by applying our experience, offering solutions and cross-country best practices.

Asia. It’s big. It’s complex. We know that. We understand the challenges facing businesses in the West and have extensive experience producing goods in the East.

With primary focus on China, we have expanded our coverage for handle manufacturing and product sourcing within Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Our sourcing specialists combine regional cultural understanding and in-depth information and expertise on market dynamics of suppliers’ need.