Meet the team


27 years with Source One — in charge of Finance and Human Resources

Angela Yuan

14 years with Source One — in charge of Merchandising and Sourcing

Silvan song

7 years with Source One — in charge of Quality Control and Engineer


20 years with Source One — incharge of Good Inspection activities

What do you think is the most important factor in managing your field effectively and efficiently?

What do you like most about working in Source One?

We’ve a good and considerate of every employee’s boss,
we like a big  family that let me feel comfortable to work in this company.

May tong

We’ve a good & gentle and considerate boss who makes company a big family, I feel very comfortable to work in such warm and humane company.

Angela Yuan

When we work here, we just feel like entering another home. We try to do what we should do naturally, per company process

Silvan Song

A generous Boss, brother & sister – like colleagues, crazy workaholic   sourcing team  and huge QC inspectors team than expected.

Sandy Tsao

What motivates you to keep working in Source One?


A warm and very humane company with a hard working boss to lead the company move forward and courage to expand into new business in difference countries. Full of confidence in company’s prospects.

May Tong —


We’ve a hard working boss leads the company grew up from less than 10 people’s company to 70 staffs in the past 10 years, he treats everyone in the company with great care and thoughtful, keeps giving people different opportunities and challenges to help everyone grow quickly.

Angela Yuan —


Here, we have a hard working boss who lead the company to survive under all kinds of wind and rain. People here show less in-fighting, boss is considerate and willing to support the policy he stipulated, I am willing to take all the challenging things at my work position.

Silvan Song —


It’s like a blood family cannot be apart.

Sandy Tsao —

The Boss

“The integrity, honesty, responsibility and dedication of each and every source one team member is what makes Source One successful. I have an enormous amount of very close friends and adopted family members because of all of the relationships, both business and friendship that have developed over the years.. words cannot describe my personal feelings for this.”

— Gregory Glass, The Founder