Source One The Premium Product Sourcing Service Provider in China

Are you looking for a reliable product sourcing agency in China? If so, Source One is your best option.

China is the largest exporting economy in the world. Fondly referred to as the Middle Kingdom, China’s huge success is attributed to specializing in many sought-after commodities. China also has the largest production capacity in the world.

Let Our Expertise Guide You

Successful product sourcing in such an advanced economy is no easy task. That is where Source One comes in to guarantee you access to a bewildering array of low-cost products.

Sourcing for China can give you the benefit of high-quality electrical goods, machinery, equipment, clothing lines, stationery, various consumer items, components and tools.

Our highly-skilled, multi-lingual staff can help you avoid certain mistakes many investors make. The most common mistake made by those sourcing from China is failing to audit the supplier. Some sourcing agents are known to inflate purchasing costs for their clients just to make extra profit.

Proper auditing means visiting the premises physically to see what is going on. Ghost suppliers often disappear when questions are raised about their physical location. It is therefore important to visit the facility, which is exactly what we’ll do on your behalf.

Our experts at Source One China are on the ground to save you from making 4 other grievous mistakes:

Making Assumptions That the Supplier Understands Your Requirements

The language barrier often makes it difficult to communicate complex business terms accurately.

As a result, many clients end up with the wrong colors, dimensions, or essential features of their desired products.

Packaging requirements, including shape, quality, size, and labelling can easily be misunderstood due to communication technicalities.

Failing to Order Product Samples

Relying on your instructions to produce a perfect product can be a costly mistake.

The supply may omit certain details leading to a sub-standard end product. It should be standard practice to order samples of advertised products from different suppliers.

Our sourcing agents in China eliminate this risk by imposing quality control at the manufacturing plant. We ensure that your product is thoroughly screened for intended effectiveness.

Unreasonable Pricing

Most Chinese manufactures practice the minimum order quantities.

The most flexible one may waiver the MOQs with a promise of bigger subsequent orders. We are willing to negotiate the best prices for you according to your present status.


A pre-shipment plan confirms the quality and quantity of goods when production is almost complete.

Our vigilant agents from Source One are devoted to inspecting items listed in your order. We also ensure that pre-shipment agencies will meet ethical obligations.

Why is Product Sourcing in China Synonymous to Source One?

Our dedication to customer service for over 30 years has made us understand people’s needs.

We practice honesty and transparency in all our affairs and can guarantee you a robust and fast-growing business endeavor. Quality control in China is effortless with Source One.

In this section, we will reveal to you 3 primary reasons that make Source One the leader in product sourcing globally.

Source One is proud to announce to you ample representation in the Oriental lands. We have a well-staffed office in China. Our multi-lingual staffs are familiar with the strict Chinese policies. We have a remarkable track record throughout all of Asia. Our sourcing agents have in-depth knowledge of local products. Our work in the Chinese-speaking society is to connect you to trustworthy partners. We review the record of distributors before signing contracts. We are also keen to ensure that your product specifications are not interfered with.
We value our customers. We ensure vendors provide our customers with relevant documentation for the entire shipping process. Among the documents include Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Fumigation Certificated, a detailed packing list, and another as per your specific requirement.
As a licensed sourcing body, we conduct our business under the core value of fair play. This means you can trust us to deliver what we promise. The quality of your products is of utmost importance to us. We have overseers, working under a seven-day protocol, to make sure that the quality of products is not compromised. Source One China does not accept sub-standard goods despite low pricing.

Work With the Best Product Sourcing Company in China

Source One Ltd is the missing link between you and successful product sourcing in China. The process of Shipping and Logistics in China is a formidable task.

We coordinate with the best freight forwarding option to ship your products. To ensure timely delivery and in every other step of the sourcing process. We aim at negotiating the most profitable deals for our clients. We will keep you up to date with the production process and pipeline of the manufacturers.

Last, but not least, we inspect all products for quality. If you want to work with the best sourcing agency in China, choose Source One.

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