Supply Chain Management Services

Unlock the potential of your business with our comprehensive supply chain management services.
Our SCM services ensure your business flow of goods and services from the mechanism of transforming raw materials into final products from different suppliers is meeting your expectation, in time, in good quality and in the right price. We develop strategy and provide all- inclusive solution from sourcing raw materials, parts, components, to stage of sampling, production, quality control, shipments, distribution, and re-order cycle management.

Dedicated account manager assistance

Your dedicated multicultural account manager actively tracking and coordinating the activities from different regional offices to maximize all possible downtime and cost reduction to improve local supplier production efficiency. This includes monitoring and speeding with order fulfillment, controlling and avoiding supply shortages. Suggesting alternatives suppliers and methods. This is especially important for companies with large and international operations where multiple suppliers from different regions are required to increase production capacity.

Supplier evaluation & inspection

Our supplier screening process evaluates from quality of material or service and process ability of suppliers. Their standard operating procedures, the manufacture facilities, warehouse condition, internal examination records, tools used, packaging/cleaning, transportation/delivery, certification, contract/documents and etc.. Our experienced Quality Engineers and Inspectors works together with our customers. From factory field audit, to conducting quality inspections during the production cycle to ensure that any problems are detected during and even before the manufacturing process. This help reducing the risk of recalls and lawsuits while helping to build a strong consumer brand of your company.

Elevate Your Business with Tailored Supply Chain Solutions

From procurement to distribution, we optimize every step, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our expert team handles inventory management, logistics coordination, and regulatory compliance, allowing you to focus on core activities. With real-time tracking and personalized support, we guarantee seamless operations and timely deliveries. Partner with us to transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth.