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Ensure cost-effective procurement, quality control, cultural expertise, supply chain efficiency, and global market competitiveness.
For many years’ companies have looked internationally for low-cost countries to provide them with attractive sourcing strategies and cost-saving opportunities and today, it’s never been more relevant. What with the exponential growth of fluctuation, rising labour, hiking energy prices, and transportation costs going through the roof, finding cheaper, alternate solutions for growth is of the utmost importance.
Many companies looked to Asia, as the region provides a wealth of attractive production at some of the lowest prices in the world. Asia is a diverse region that is home to many high-cost economies such as Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore (to name a few), however, there are also a great number of emerging economies with much to bring to the table, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

Asia Sourcing Services

Overcoming the most common challenges whilst improving quality and consistency. When looking to branch into the international market and secure overseas suppliers, most people run into the following obstacles:

A lack of insight

Understanding the local market and true supply chain costs is an essentiality for success. The same applies to negotiating the best possible prices for goods and services.

No structure

Exploring a new market without a secure and optimal structure can make it difficult to source the right products effectively.

The language barrier

Language and cultural differences are huge obstacles that many businesses face when doing business overseas. From standard communication to business etiquette, it always pays to have the proper representation on the ground.

Certainly, the cost-saving potential is a very attractive quality to global sourcing, however, there have been a number of cases where companies have been unable to meet their target volume due to communication issues, an inability to manage the supply chain network, and a plethora of other unforeseen problems that may arise.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that tapping into a foreign market in order to save money is an easy thing to do without the proper expertise and assistance. Many business owners become so focused on the prospect of saving money that the thought of investing in an Asian sourcing company feels like an unnecessary expense.

It isn’t.The fact is, there is a way to cut down on your product sourcing costs significantly, while also dealing with a trusted, reputable, and qualified sourcing agency at the same time.

With decades of experience in sourcing – particularly in the Asian market – we can provide you with global sourcing solutions that have been proven to improve the quality of product, reduce operational and inventory carrying costs, and ultimately elevate our client’s business operations to the next level.

So why choose Source One?

Years of experience​

We equipped with broad skill sets ranging from in-depth regional market supply knowledge to price negotiations to field audits, as well as to engineering to quality inspection and other specialties in over 30 years of experience.

Recognized for our expertise

We helped our countless partners identify and secure the best possible pricing and payment terms from the most attractive suppliers. Tansforming their product ideas into concrete concepts with expertise and precision.

From start to finish

Our model is different than any other— we are a One-Stop Service dedicated to finding you the best total cost of ownership while meeting your quality and delivery requirements. Ensuring efficiency, reliability, and seamless supply chain operations.

Simply contact us and one of our representatives can arrange a free consultation. During this session, we’ll delve into your unique sourcing needs, conduct a basic analysis to pinpoint opportunities for optimization and cost savings within your procurement process. Take the first step towards greater efficiency and success by scheduling your free consultation now.