Strategic sourcing overview


Strategic sourcing overview

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Strategic sourcing is a refinement of the sourcing process, to gain the lowest total cost, not just in terms of price but bringing in other expenditures like transport, overheads and tax. The aim is to get the cheapest possible materials of the correct quality to have the most cost efficient product. It is an essential part of any business today, to ensure that the company is at its most profitable while also ensuring its standards and values are being met. We will look at an overview of strategic sourcing; what is involved, and also give some of the benefits and best practices. By using a more comprehensive strategic sourcing process, you can identify suppliers, gain better and lasting relationships and cut down your costs at the same time. To be strategic is to be effective in meeting your goals; if not the process is simply ineffective and even costly.

What are the components of strategic sourcing?

The first component in strategic sourcing is the identification of suppliers. There are a great many factors to consider here, from location to ensuring a supply to risks like regional unrest. It is essential that you look at all the angles when making these selections. Some regions have more competition, and can allow for better deals, while others have a higher quality standard so it is important to find the right fit for your product.

Once you find suppliers, however, it is crucial to cultivate the proper relationships in order to achieve the best contract. Particularly in today’s market, it is essential to have healthy, long-lasting relationships with trusted suppliers to not only keep up the required standards and values but also to keep your specifications and time line. Strategic sourcing is a constantly developing process, which needs maintaining and a large amount of collaboration and cooperation. It is key to keep expanding your knowledge, keep making contacts and ensure that levels of training are always up to date, all factors which help to recommend outsourcing your needs to groups like SourceOne.

The main factor in strategic sourcing is to constantly consider all aspects of the deal, from internal and external potential challenges, to understanding the key goals and ethics to navigating global markets with different costs, contacts and risks. It is necessary to maintain efficiency and standards while still gaining the lowest overall costs possible.

What are the benefits of strategic sourcing?

There are many benefits to strategic sourcing, the most important being the overall savings available for your business. Through strategic sourcing you can not only find the cheapest raw materials and products, but you can consider every area of expenditure and find the best deal altogether. With a place like Asia, there is a huge scope for finding what it is you need, with plenty of suppliers to choose from and ensure you get the best deal for your business. You need the lowest cost goods but also the level of quality you require, and the best way to find the point at which these merge is through strategic sourcing.

Supplier identification allows us to find all of the best suppliers who can suit your needs, including quality levels and a suitable supply chain. This can vary from one to another and even at times of year, and it is crucial to keep up to date using our expert staff. It is important to cultivate good relationships with these suppliers, to make certain that your product is delivered in a timely manner, to your specifications, and also that it is of the standard required by your business. In an evolving global time it is important that the levels of quality and care are where they need to be to suit your aims.

By constantly evolving and maintaining our processes, keeping up to date and relevant and using our expert knowledge, strategic sourcing can streamline the process, making procuring materials and goods more efficient and effective, and reduce your costs at the same time. Strategic sourcing can create opportunities for your business to get ahead of competitors, expand and grow, and even improve your image through quality products that aren’t too expensive. Strategic sourcing can also help to anticipate any possible issues that might arise and allow for solutions before they do. All in all, the benefits of strategic sourcing cannot be denied.


Strategic sourcing aims to reduce your overall costs by sourcing cheaper products, of the necessary standards of quality and in line with your needs. The process takes in the costs in all areas and aims to gain you the best possible outcome, using supplier identification to source the best partners, and ensure they can provide what is needed, on time and to your specifications. Building healthy relationships is an important part of the process, and our team of experts already have such relationships, allowing for better deals to be negotiated and leading to the lowest possible cost for your business. Strategic sourcing is a hugely important way to make certain your business is at its most profitable, whether large or small, and a chance to grow, expand and get ahead of your competitors. For more information contact us today.