Product Sourcing & Specification

A dedicated account manager will assist all your sourcing requirements, conducting a comprehensive demand analysis to identify the optimal production source.

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With Source One, you gain access to a dedicated account manager who will oversee every aspect of your sourcing journeys. Whether it’s a factory design or your own custom design.

Low Cost Country Sourcing​

The initiatives include sourcing the manufacturers and vendors across all different regional offices such as China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar. We understand the complications of dealing with a country in a different language, culture, logistics and import/export restrictions. The Source One regional team is equipped with in-depth knowledge for each domestic market and supply chain network. Throughout this process, we keep searching for the most cost effective producers and manufacturers all over Asia and South East Asia.

Identify Supply Market

We help identify the supply chain from each region based on the specifications of our customers’ products. At Source One, each of our regional branches will provide accurate real-time insights revolving around identifying and assessing potential markets and suppliers. We begin evaluating and choosing the correct supply chaines to provide a detailed analysis and profile of suppliers. The process includes a business assessment check, factory email audit, field audit, supplier qualification evaluation report and manufacturing capability evaluation.

Cost Comparison and Analysis​

A cost and comparison analysis will be completed for all potential suppliers from every country identified with qualified suppliers. The data allows our customers to accuaretly determine their total cost of ownership in order to make decisions based on total cost rather than only factory cost.

Order Process​

We streamline the order process by requesting and evaluating quotes, negotiating terms, monitoring order progress, documenting and evaluating the entire process for customers. We help adminstrate, ensure clear communication and accurate order placement to the suppliers.

Asia is big, it's complex. We know that.

We understand the challenges facing businesses in the west and have extensive experience producing goods in the east.
With primary focus on Product Sourcing from China, we have expanded our coverage for handle manufacturing and product sourcing within Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Our sourcing specialists combine regional cultural understanding and in-depth information and expertise on market dynamics of suppliers’ need.