Our Solutions

Whether it’s factory or custom design, our multicultural team across Asia ensures competitive pricing, qualify manufacturing, and timely delivery.

Die Casting

Cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake manifolds, and transmission housings. These components require high strength, precision, and heat resistance, making die casting an ideal process for their production. Die casting offers several advantages, including high productivity, excellent dimensional accuracy, and the ability to produce complex shapes with tight tolerances. As a result, it is widely used in various industries to manufacture a diverse range of products, including automotive components, consumer electronics, appliances, and industrial parts.


Fabrication processes are frequently employed to manufacture sheet metal enclosures used in electronic Sheet metal fabrication offers several advantages, including versatility, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to produce complex shapes and structures with high precision. As a result, it is widely used in various industries to manufacture a diverse range of products, including enclosures, cabinets, chassis, panels, and housings for electronic, automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Injection Molding

Injection molding offers several advantages, including high production speed, repeatability, and the ability to produce complex shapes and intricate details with high precision. As a result, it is widely used in various industries to manufacture a diverse range of products, including bottle caps, containers, packaging components, automotive parts, consumer electronics, and medical devices.

Rapid Prototyping

Various rapid 3D prototyping technologies available from our sources of suppliers, including stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), and digital light processing (DLP). Which allows for the rapid creation of prototypes for testing, validation, and visualization purposes before full-scale production. This accelerated product development cycles, reduced time to market, cost-effectiveness for low-volume production, and the ability to iterate designs quickly based on feedback.

Casting and Forging

Casting and forging are both important metalworking processes used to manufacture a wide range of components and products. Casting is ideal for producing complex shapes and intricate details, while forging is preferred for producing parts with superior mechanical properties and strength. Products involve automotive Components, Aerospace Parts, Hand Tools, Industrial Equipment, Construction Hardware.

All-inclusive solution


We don’t own factories which keeps us searching for the most cost- effective producers and manufacturers all over Asia. We have developed a specific process for comparing options that includes pricing in addition to quality.


Further difference in Source One’s model includes engineering. We have several experienced full time mechanical and electrical engineers who interface and liaison between the customers and the factory. It’s the first step in quality control.

Quality Control​

The Source One dedication to quality begins before production starts. Each factory is evaluated using our proprietary Field Audit Report. We examine procedures, employee training records, product safety and inspection reports, and ensure employee benefits and labor practices are met in a fair and equitable way before recommending them to our customers. Learn more about our Field Audit Reports.

Sample evaluation

Once production begins, we follow strict guidelines to make certain products and samples are manufactured according to specifications. Take a look at an example of our Defect Classification Reports.

Goods Inspection

All shipments must pass a final quality assurance check conducted by our staff inspectors prior to being released for shipment. Learn more about Source One’s Final Inspection Reports.


To round out our comprehensive offering, Source One will coordinate shipments and logistics from the factory to its delivery destination. In our final phase, we can help facilitate payment and outstanding administrative needs. See our Order Tracking Document.

Throughout this seamless process, Source One and your organization can build effective long-term relationships with the low-cost supplier that fits your organizational goals and requirements. We believe in partnership with our customers and collaboration with our vendors. Our goal is to ensure success from the inception of a relationship through the last detail.