Engineering and Product Development
Products Sourcing Asia

Specification development

We understand customers’ product requirements and most importantly we understand the variances of product preferences. Our engineering team will work with our customers to understand the specific tolerances, the critical and key characteristics and ensure the specifications are clearly addressed and adhered to by the manufacturers During this journey, SourceOne engineers monitor and track the manufacturing processes including tooling development schedules, design review, drawings, product packaging and testing of the functional product samples. A sample evaluation report will be provided for review and approval before the sample is dispatched from the supplier.

Identify and implement engineering solutions

An additional unique aspect of  SourceOne’s model includes engineering solutions to the products that require specific development.  SourceOne has its own experienced engineering team. They possess good understanding of products and possess analytical skills that allow them to suggest engineering improvements for different products and commodities. The implementation of their engineering advice creates a more efficient process for our customers. Our all-solution based services not only helps our customers expand their business dimension, widens the range and type of their products for incremental revenue channels, but it also fulfills the continuously changing market needs in the rapidly changing world.

Asia. It’s big. It’s complex. We know that. We understand the challenges facing businesses in the West and have extensive experience producing goods in the East.

With primary focus on China, we have expanded our coverage into Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.  Our sourcing specialists combine regional cultural understanding, in-depth information and expertise to each of these additional countries