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Full-Service Sourcing Solutions

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Are you looking to expand your product sourcing scope further afield? Perhaps you’d like to tap into the abundant Chinese market in order to secure higher quality products at a significantly lower price? Whatever the case, figuring out where to start can feel hopelessly overwhelming.

The good news is, Source One is a full-service sourcing solutions provider and with over three decades in the industry, we are well-positioned to guide you toward transformative change.

But, what does this mean for you? How can partnering with Source One help you to take your business to even greater heights? On this page we will highlight the Source One difference and talk you through all of the benefits that come with leveraging third-party product sourcing solutions for your business.

Let’s get started!

Why Choose Product Sourcing in Asia?

First, let’s confirm as to whether or not sourcing in Asia is the right move for you. Here are some of the advantages of doing as such:

  • Lower costs: Asia has long been a popular sourcing destination for a wide variety of different reasons, the primary of which is its affordability. With low production and labour costs, you can easily find the skillset that you need to manufacture your chosen products at a fraction of the price compared to the West. In addition to that, there is greater access to raw materials which also helps to reduce production costs even further. Across the board, you can expect to save at least 20% on your specialised manufacturing and product sourcing than you would anywhere else in the world!
  • Larger supply base: When so many Asian suppliers rely on maintaining a sterling reputation to thrive among the immense competition, it grants businesses like yours access to a plethora of premium quality manufacturers. This works significantly in your favour as you will have the power to negotiate more attractive terms and personalised services that accommodate your specific business needs.
  • The one drawback of this abundance in suppliers is the fact that there is a good chance that you can get ‘duped’ or ‘ripped off’ if you are not careful. It takes time and research to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff and working with a reputable sourcing agent with over 30-years in specialised manufacturing and product sourcing in Asia is highly recommended (which is where we come in).
  • Exceptional product quality: Another very attractive prospect when sourcing products in Asia is the fact that you can secure your desired products without compromising on the quality. Most people would ask: “What’s the catch?” when offered a 20% decrease in production and labour costs, however, when you go into business with the right supplier for you, you can indeed enjoy exceptional product quality for less.
  • Impressive efficiency: One thing that many Asian production and manufacturing companies are known for is their impressive efficiency. Being able to maintain consistent manufacturing speed in order to ensure that they remain ahead of the competition is an essentiality for survival in such a saturated market. Again, while this is definitely a bonus for you, it reinforces the need to take extra care when choosing your manufacturer and supplier. There must be contingencies in place to ensure that you can always deliver the goods to your customers.

If the advantages listed above sound appealing to you, then sourcing from Asia might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. That said, tapping into a foreign market without any experience requires an awful lot of time and resources on your part – which is why Source One would like to offer you a resolution: leverage our expertise and leave all of the hard work to us instead!

Below we will highlight some of the benefits of letting us do all of the hard work for you…

The Source One Difference: Sourcing with Us

If you are worried that hiring a third-party product sourcing agency might be an unnecessary expense when you can go ahead and take care of your sourcing requirements in-house, then we urge you to read this next section carefully.

The fact is, delegating these tasks can in fact save you a lot of money – not to mention precious time that you can re-invest into the more important, revenue generating tasks in your business, such as customer service and client acquisition.

Here are 7 reasons not to overlook product sourcing with us:

  1. Three decades of negotiation: At Source One, we are well-versed in negotiating the best possible prices with Asian suppliers. One of the biggest advantages that we have is the fact that we boast a multi-lingual team with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Asian culture and local business etiquette. So, whether you’re sourcing from China, Thailand, or Malaysia, your Source One representative will secure an exceptional deal on your behalf.
  2. Greater diversification of product sourcing: During those three decades of professional product sourcing in Asia, we have established an extensive network of high quality manufacturers and suppliers. The odds are that we will already have the perfect supplier in mind to meet your needs – and if not, it won’t be long before we can find a selection of attractive prospective candidates for you to explore.
  3. Reduced supply chain management costs: As part of our full-service specialised manufacturing and product sourcing services in Asia, we also take care of all the logistics involved. Not only are we seasoned experts in supply chain management, but we can ensure that you save as much money as possible on critical logistical aspects such as land transportation, warehousing, and freight delivery.
  4. Lower operational expenses: When you are new to the overseas product sourcing game, you will be amazed by how much red tape and additional costs are involved. It all starts to add up very quickly! However, we at Source One can help you by handling factory and site inspections, and all of the other required administrative tasks to ensure full compliance.
  5. Consistency: One critical aspect of our service is to ensure that your goods are manufactured and delivered consistently. This means a reliable product quality, the ability to keep up with high- demand, and having contingencies in place to ensure that your goods will always make it to you on time.
  6. Expert industry insights: We pride ourselves in remaining firmly ahead of the curve. You will always be apprised with all relevant information related to the Asian product sourcing industry and we also do our best to leverage this information to take smart and decisive action on your behalf.
  7. Risk management: Just as we ensure consistency of quality and punctuality, we are hot on risk management as well. Our job is to ensure that there is as little risk to your day to day operations as possible. It all starts with securing the finest manufactures and suppliers, and ends with making sure that every single aspect of the product sourcing process is above board at all times. Additionally, we will put together a comprehensive risk management report to prove to you that we have a plan B for every eventuality.

Custom Sourcing Solutions

As with most things in business, there is rarely a one-size-fits all approach and this is especially the case when it comes to specialized manufacturing and product sourcing. As part of our full service approach, we will put together a highly personalized, custom sourcing solution for your business.

We always provide a smooth and seamless process to ensure timely deliveries with as little risk of operational burden to you as possible. Not only that, but we are committed to carrying out our duties with full transparency and to the letter of the law. In other words, we eat regulatory requirements for breakfast!

Additionally, in order to ensure that everything proceeds as intended, we will provide you with full supplier verification before you make any commitments. We will do extensive research into your prospective suppliers and gather all of the necessary information to determine as to whether they are qualified to meet and exceed your expectations – including thorough inspections both during and in the final stages of production to ensure quality control.

Simply put, when you source with us, you barely have to lift a finger.

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